Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is there really a Santa Claus?

Every year I get this question from my kids, especially my girls. I always tell them that I believe in Santa Claus because he represents the Christmas spirit of giving and that he reminds me that I need to be more concerned about giving to others than what I get in return. Of course they just want to know if he exists. They have seen Santas at Christmas parties, but even Jaxon knows that they are not the real Santa. We went to my In-Laws for Christmas eve dinner this year. As the kids were all playing some of the adults caught this man in red coming to the front door.

Jaxon could not stop talking when Santa came in to the house. He was the first to sit on Santa's lap when the opportunity arose. He told him that he had been really, really good and what he wanted.

Mason was just as excited as Jaxon although he was a little less talkative. He had no doubt that there was a Santa either so it was very natural to sit on his lap and tell him what he wanted. You can see that he is holding the bottom of Santa's beard! So glad he did not pull on it.

Sidnee was my doubter last year and so I expected more of it this year, but was not harassed by desires of proof. She concluded that this was the real Santa when she was done. She was acting shy because she thought he would tell that she had been mean to her sister earlier that day.

I thought Raven might think that she was too big to sit on Santa's lap this year as she is quickly outgrowing a lot of childhood things (much to my dismay :( ), but she climbed up when it was her turn and giggled the whole time.

So to answer the question, yes Smith children, there is a Santa Claus! He came to Grandma's house just to prove to you that he was real!


Jaclynweist said...

That is so cute! I love Christmastime. My kids have figured out most of the Santas. My brother-in-law dresses up every year and for some reason they don't think my kids will recognize him... but I'm glad your little ones found Santa! Hope you had a good Christmas!