Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Time

We recently discovered a lake close by with some friends. The kids have so much fun and I don't have to deal with fighting or tattling plus I get to swim so it is a win win situation. We have gone 5 times in the last 2 weeks. It is a great motivator for getting things done at home. We took Steve on Monday and he enjoyed himself too. The sandy beach is great for kids afraid of the water and the docks are great for the kids that love to jump off, plus they don't have to be the little ones for a while.

The boys on a mission.

What are they up too?

It isn't so easy trying to make a river. Good lesson on water absorption!

The girls playing off one of the docks!

More fun on the playground that is about 10 yards from the water. The poles are made of metal that doesn't get hot. It is really cool.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm a bad parent!

Jaxon woke up this morning saying that his tummy hurt. Steve and I both thought that it was a ploy to get out of going to primary. He was just told yesterday that if he cried in Primary he would be grounded. About 20 minutes after telling us that his tummy hurt, we were all snuggling in my bed, Jaxon got up walked to the door and puked. Of course, it was all over my bras, his hand and the floor. I quickly grabbed him, put him in front of the toilet and started to clean up. At least I could flush the toilet to get rid of the rest of his mess. He announced he was done and that he felt good. A few minutes later he told Steve that his mouth tasted "yucky". Steve gave him some water to rinse out the taste and he has been fine since. He is running a low fever but acts fine. We decided that the next time his tummy hurts that we will tell him that it is Saturday to see if he is faking. Nothing like feeling like a bad parent because you didn't believe your child when they told you the truth!