Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm a bad parent!

Jaxon woke up this morning saying that his tummy hurt. Steve and I both thought that it was a ploy to get out of going to primary. He was just told yesterday that if he cried in Primary he would be grounded. About 20 minutes after telling us that his tummy hurt, we were all snuggling in my bed, Jaxon got up walked to the door and puked. Of course, it was all over my bras, his hand and the floor. I quickly grabbed him, put him in front of the toilet and started to clean up. At least I could flush the toilet to get rid of the rest of his mess. He announced he was done and that he felt good. A few minutes later he told Steve that his mouth tasted "yucky". Steve gave him some water to rinse out the taste and he has been fine since. He is running a low fever but acts fine. We decided that the next time his tummy hurts that we will tell him that it is Saturday to see if he is faking. Nothing like feeling like a bad parent because you didn't believe your child when they told you the truth!


The Barge Group said...

we do stuff like that all the time. But with our kids we use then I guess you can't go see grandma, or go play. Thet is when they are no longer sick. Works every time. Hope he is feeling better soon.

Jaclynweist said...

Been there done that! Poor kid. I think everyone feels like a bad parent least once in their life. If they didn't, they're doing it wrong. ;)