Monday, September 21, 2009

Fruits of my labors!

It is definitely the harvest season. We have been busy at our house bottling and freezing and eating whatever fresh foods we can get our hands on. In this picture are the foods we have done in the last 2 days with the exception of the peaches in the back which were done a week ago. From left to right the contenders are: back row - applesauce, strawberry jam, chicken and sliced peaches. Front row - peach jam, salsa and bread. The good news is that it all tastes very good and we haven't gotten tired of it yet. We have pears, green peppers and more tomatoes and jalapenos in our garden that we need to do. We forgot to put the tomato sauce that we made last week up here. We have also shredded a bunch of zucchini and frozen it, plus used it as filler in our taco meat. Kids had no clue it was even in there. I am wondering if I could cube it like hashbrowns and use it that way. Think the kids would ever figure it out? If anyone has any fruits or veggies that they don't have time or energy to put up, let me know and we will gladly take them off your hands.

Friday, September 11, 2009

All tuckered out!

This was what the little man looked like 10 minutes after he got home from preschool. He loves it, but I guess stretching his brain muscles makes him extra tired because he asked me if he could lay down on my bed and take a nap.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I am Freddy Freeloader!

Some of my girlfriends, well okay, most of my girlfriends are trying to eat healthier and are working out. I am into the eating healthier, just not the working out so much. Give me a volleyball, basketball, softball or futsol (yes, Amy, I do like it) game any day. That is my kind of workout. I just have so much going on that I get tired just looking at my running shoes. I do wear them to play the above mentioned games. My girlfriends are getting together for lunch to support each other in their endeavor of this healthier eating habit, but they don't do sugar! I have started reading labels and everything that I like has sugar in it, even sour cream! I am all about eating more fruits and veggies plus having smaller portions, but I like my chocolate zucchini cookies and my corn tortillas. I have been invited to join them in this new challenge, but honestly I am having commitment issues. My biggest challenge is that I am a substitute teacher and never know when I might be working which would throw everybody off, plus I am going to eat a cookie if I want or a piece of pie. I don't over do the desserts, I never have. I just don't crave desserts like most people do. I am quite happy with a nice piece of ripe fruit. I don't crave chocolate and I have always eaten pretty healthy unless you stick a cream puff in front of me, then I crumble. So needless to say I have been enjoying lunch with my girlies but haven't hosted and I am starting to feel like a freeloader. Maybe I should give in and host a lunch. Taco soup anyone or are beans off limits too?