Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Waiting for Spring!

It seems like winter has been dragging it's feet on leaving this valley that I live in. I have been so anxious and now that we have had a few days of spring, I am not so anxious anymore.

My allergies have flared and I now remember what sinus headaches feel like. Not fun. I wish that the kenelog shot for allergies lasted longer than 3 months. If they did, I would go get one tomorrow. My problem is that my allergies are the worst between June and September. Yet here we are in the beginning of April. I get to wait 2 months before I can go get a shot! Anyone know any good home remedies? My nose is raw after only 12 hours of wiping!

I am anxiously awaiting any and all home remedies that could alleviate this problem for 2 months!


Jaclynweist said...

Steve finally tried children's Claritin after his eyes swelled shut playing soccer at the grade school last year with the boys. It worked better than anything else he's tried... Not much help but I guess you could try? Good luck! Hopefully others have good ideas!

David and Melissa said...

Have you ever tried nasal rinses twice daily? David's doctor recommended it and that has been an amazing relief. We like the NeilMed variety at WalGreens-- $12 starter kit and $12 for 100 refills. Best of luck to you as the allergens kick in---yuck! -M

Sara said...

I have no solutions, all I know is I have allergies too and they stink!