Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saying goodbye!

We learned last week that Steve has high cholesterol. The doctor has given him 3 months to get it down or he will have to go on meds. He is only 37. I can't imagine another 40 + years on meds. I have been reading up on what he should and shouldn't eat. Since it is a genetic thing for him, I figure the whole family may as well eat healthier so the kids can learn now to eat like they should for this genetic mutation. So we are saying good-bye to some of our favorites or eating them a lot less. It is up to me to keep the menu on track, because they all eat pretty much whatever I feed them.

Good-bye Mr. Red Meat!

Come saute with me vegetable family!

Good-bye cream family!

Hello, Miss Sexy Dark Chocolate!

Au revoir Monsieur Gateau du fromage!

Steve is doing good eating things that he doesn't like such as spinach when I don't disguise it. Luckily we do eat pretty healthy, it is just a matter of remembering "plant are our friends, animals are our enemies!" If you have any good recipes that are healthy, please share with me!


Jaclynweist said...

My sister has all kinds of good healthy foods. I can ask her for some ideas. And I'm very happy my cholesterol is good - not sure I could say goodbye to red meat and cheesecake!!!!

I think smart balance butter is supposed to help with cholesterol... and it tastes pretty good...

The Barge Group said...

I don't know how much Steve will like this idea, but South Beach has some great food. Cory and I went on it about 4 years ago,and we loved it. I have the cook book if you would like to look at it.

bizzymomma said...

This totally sucks!!! I love food.