Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meetings, meetings, meetings......

I have been feeling that meetings are going to be the death of me. I have a meeting at least once a week for my callings or something else that I am involved in. Most of these meetings are what I call fluff meetings. There really is no reason to have them except that the organizers feel for some odd reason that it is necessary. I find it annoying because a 2 minute phone call or better yet a 1 page email would accomplish the same thing. As the athletic director, most of my conversing is done via email. I love it. It wastes no ones time with stupid questions that have already been answered. If I get such an email I simply respond by forwarding the answer that was already sent. As far as church meetings go, we were counselled about 5 years ago to not have unnecessary meetings, but to especially eliminate most of our Sunday meetings. I must admit that I personally abstain from most of those meetings that I am supposed to go to on Sunday. I believe that my time is better spent with my family. Steve has 2 days off a week and one of them is Sunday. I am happy to go to meetings when he is at work or when it doesn't take away from my family plans. I have always been taught that family comes first in this religion and sad to say, there are people who believe that their callings come before their family. I am not one of those and for some reason not even the prophet feels that the church comes before his family, so I am in good company.