Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Politics is like religion!

With the upcoming election there are many people who are talking about politics and I have witnessed some very heated discussions. Here in Utah the majority of people are Republican with of course the minority being Democratic supporters. It doesn't do any good to harass others about their beliefs, just like we don't harass people about their religious beliefs. It is perfectly fine to as questions and try to see the others' point of views, but when it comes to arguing that only gets people's backs up and causes hard feelings. I may not agree with some of the reasons that other people back their prefered candidate, but I will not make fun of them. Just as I will not make fun of those who are not of the religion that I believe in. I really think that it is interesting that some people pay more attention to politics than they do their religion. It amazes me and at the same time makes me sad to think how much effort goes into something they do every four years compared to something that they do every day. I think that the same council that my ecclesiastical leader gives me about interacting with people of other faiths can apply to interacting with people of other political views. Treat them as human beings, answer their questions, but never argue with them. You will never convert someone to your point of view by belittling theirs. Arguing never leads to anything but pain and misery. Anyway, enough from my soap box for now. Whatever side you stand on this election, my request to you is this, please vote in this upcoming election for the candidate that you feel is the best for what you beleive after you have gotten down on your knees and counciled with your maker.