Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ain't that sweet......?

I love the trips down memory lane that occur with my friends. Jill triggered some for me with her blog about drive-ins. I must say that I had never been to one until I went to Ricks College. They were fun. I must admit though that I am a fire bug. I absolutely love campfires. I have been anxiously awaiting a calm night so that we could pull out the fire bowl, but alas, it has been very windy when it has not been raining. It has me pretty bummed. I remember camping with my family and Mom always getting the fire going. Ah, the tin foil dinners, breakfast in a bag, s'mores, banana boats, and cake in an orange. Those were the days. I was fortunate to marry a fire bug, so he also has an affinity for fires. I also love the way that my clothes smell after being around a campfire. I must admit that I hate to wash the smell out. My reasoning is that it keeps the mosquitoes away. I am one of those people who could camp for a week before I feel the need to wash the smell off. As long as I can brush my teeth, I am good. I also prefer to camp in a tent. I am all about bringing in as little as possible and hauling it all out. I love the sound of the crickets and watching the stars. I hope to instill in my kids the same love for camping. Anyone want to come with? Or in the mean time, come on over I have the making for s'mores and we can always take out the projector and pretend that we are at the drive-in.


Shawn on Vacation said...

Love to come over and have a camp fire. Can i bring a date? she's a cut girl and she has stolen my heart. Would love to go to Crystal some year with you guys. Give my love to Steve:) and the kids. Tell Jill and my kids I love them. Talk to you soon.