Monday, June 30, 2008

And yet another split!

I received a call Saturday afternoon saying that we would only be meeting for sacrament on Sunday and to pass the word on. That got the ward buzzing. It meant that our ward was going to split. I had just gotten back from Stake Youth conference where I was transporting kids and Amy Pratt and I did the Water Olympics (another blog story). I was trying to wrap my brain around who the new bishop would be and what our ward name would be. We did know that Steve was not in the bishopric. This was cause for a moment of relief as we know that members of the bishopric are extremely busy with the ward. For this they have our deepest gratitude. It was also cause for sadness as some of my good friends would be in the other ward. It was going to be a bittersweet split. At the same time it is not like we live miles apart and will never see each other. After an hour of singing hymns because the Stake Presidency was detained with another ward split, we are now Kiowa Valley 2nd ward. We ended up with about 15 more households and 35 more dependents. This is the 3rd split and 4th bishop that we have had since moving to Eagle Mountain. There is still construction going on so it is safe to say that it will not be the last. Now there will be sitting room in Relief Society, if I get to go. I was sustained as Stake Young Women Athletic director yesterday. The Stake Young Women's presidency tried to tell me that I would be safe from any calling. We shall see. There will be a lot of callings issued over the next several weeks. It will be nice to have a more manageable ward. I along with some of my friends are awaiting the day when the ward will not split so that we will be more stable and can get to better know those in our ward. Who knows when that will be. The next split for us will probably be a stake split. We have a while before that happens. I am grateful for the split now because I am hoping that Jaxon will be able to be more comfortable when it is time to go to Primary in January. We will be meeting at 1 pm for the rest of the year. Our new bishop is the oldest bishop that we have had since moving out here. He is probably in his 40's. Weird to have one older than me. His name is Kevin Gourtzen. His first counsellor is Jeff Stanworth and second is Andrew Jensen. I wrote in my journal that I would not be surprised if Stanworth and Jensen were in there. They are good men with integrity and families who support them. I am excited for this change. Our bishop has only been in the ward for a couple months. I look forward to having the opportunity to receive my own confirmation of his new calling. It is a good chance to teach our children about sustaining our leaders and all that that entails.