Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm having a blast Mom!

Mason got to go to Idaho with Luke and Erick last Wednesday. I half expected a call from Erick a few minutes after they left because Mason didn't look to sure about going. He called at midnight when he got there and hasn't called since. We have had to call him. He has been having a blast. I knew that once he got there and got busy that he would be fine.

The Hull made him one of the family and he has fit right in even though he looks a little different. Can you pick him out of the crowd?

I love this picture of the boys, whom Tami said have been so busy that it was hard to get them to hold still.

They went to an annual chicken chase on the 4th. I thought Mason would have been afraid as he is my more timid child.

"Look what I caught Mom. Can I bring him home? His name is Fireball and I love him so much"!

This is what no looks like. I knew that this was his face before I ever saw the picture because I could hear it on the phone. He will be home tonight. I am glad that he had fun, but I miss my little buddy boy.