Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yesterday was haircut day as our boys looked like nobody cared about them. They hate getting their hair cut. Mason is not as bad and he looks the shaggiest. Here are their before and after.



BEFORE(blurry because he wouldn't hold still)

I didn't realize how much the boys look alike until their haircuts were the same. I really do like Jaxon with longer hair, but it is summer and it will grow back. He, however, hates it. He screams when I show him his haircut. He says that he wants it back. I tried to tell him that it will grow back, but he doesn't believe me.


Andrea said...

How funny. I won't recognize them anymore when they are riding down the street!

Tami said...

Masons face makes it look like torture.
Hi Daddy!!! (in the background)