Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My little thorny rose!

I have this beautiful rose that I love the smell of so much, the problem is that it is very thorny and I find that very irritating sometimes. Sometimes I get such pleasure from it's beauty and other times I struggle to see past the thorns to it's beauty. I am trying to learn how to prune the thorns without marring it's aroma. I have sent this beauty to Canada to one who is a much better qualified gardener than I. I am at the point where I am totally frustrated and wanting to prune it back totally, which I know would in all likelyhood cause it to stop thriving. I am hoping that this experienced gardener can give this rose the attention that it needs while I take a break to brush up on my gardening skills and pay attention to the other plants that need my attention. I have noticed that I tend to spend more of my time and attention on the rose and the other plants don't get as much of my time. It will be nice to have a couple of weeks to spend on the rest. I seems like the rose demands as much of my time as the rest of my garden all put together does. The rose will be gone for 2 weeks on this adventure. Maybe the cooler climate will be good for her. I am hoping during this time that I can petition some insight from the Master Gardener on how to help this rose grow to it's full potential. I know that I have the tools to help it grow or He wouldn't have given it to me.


Amy Pratt said...

Just remember: that which doesn't kill you will only make you stronger! I love the rose/gardener poetic. Dang girl you got some talent..Don't worry..I WILL tell everyone!

Tami said...

I love it!!! you are very poetic. I hope you enjoy your time away from your rose. You will be happy to see her when she comes home.