Thursday, August 21, 2008

Family Reunion

Last week the kids and I went to my family reunion in Ellensburg, Washington. We took our time on the way there. We stayed 2 nights at the Hull's in Boise, 3 nights at my brother's in Oregon, and 3 nights at my aunt's house. We camped 2 of the nights in her back yard and the last night we stayed in the house as we decided to stay after all of our things were packed. It was a really relaxing vacation until the drive home. Due to the fact that we stayed in Washington on Saturday night, we had to make the whole drive home on Sunday as the girls started school on Monday. The kids did really well and I am happy to report that they all came home with me. I did not intentionally or unintentionally misplace them anywhere along the way. Here are a couple pics of my family. This is my Mom's side.

The tasty carne asada being cooked. Yes it was very good, even used in breakfast burritos the next morning.

There were tons of small kids. I think that I was told that there were 17 under the age of 5. My mom herself has 13 grandkids with 2 more on the way. No that is not an announcement for those of you who are curious! I am not having anymore babies!!!!!!!