Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fresh from Heaven!

Yesterday morning I had the privilege of seeing my nephew be born via c-section. It wasn't as gruesome as I thought it would be. It was actually a very peaceful, almost spiritual experience seeing that little boy enter the world. I got to hold him about an hour later and I still love that fresh from heaven smell that all new babies have. This is the first time that I have been at the birth of a baby that wasn't my own baby. It gives me a whole new respect for motherhood seeing it from the outside looking in. It also makes me grateful for all of the women and men who help Steve and I with our brood in so many different ways. I think that President Bush did a good thing when he made this past Sunday "Sanctity of Human Life Day" ( I think every day should be that way and I think most people would agree if they could witness what I was able to yesterday. I would post a picture of the cute little man, but I will leave that for his parents.


jill said...

Good post DeLana.

Rob and Lori said...

What? No pictures?

Mindy said...

Delana, okay, I finally found YOUR blog again! I love it! What a great experience you had!