Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reclaiming sanity!

This picture is titled "Crazy Lady". That is definitely how I have been feeling lately. You can see all the things going on in her hair. My schedule has been so hectic that my kids are telling me that they never see me. They are probably right when you take into consideration the things on my list. Let me give you a view of what this week has in store.
Monday - run kids to school, email coaches and parents about basketball tournament this next Saturday, email players parents to remind them of the schedule, pick Mason up from school, grocery shopping (had the luxury of leaving the boys at home since Steve was there sick), put groceries away, pick kids up from school, basketball practice ( I cancelled it because the players have 2 games and a tournament this week), more grocery shopping to finish the list with the girls whining the whole time that I wasn't letting them get anything, put the groceries away, let the kids open a box of cereal for dinner because I am too tired to make it, re-attach the wires to the light in the girls' bedroom so that they can see, fold a load of laundry, loudly beckon my children to put it away, fold another load, watch 24 while doing the laundry, get kids ready for bed, chase the kids to my room for prayers, then chase them to bed, go to their rooms twice to threaten them for being loud and not sleeping, send sick Steve to the boys room 2 more times, finally let Jaxon come "nuggle" me where he jumps around then decides it is Steve that he likes, finally send Jaxon to his own bed at 10:20ish so that I can relax and drift off to sleep. Are you tired yet?
Tuesday - Take kids to school, go fold more laundry (maybe I can finish watching "Fiddler on the Roof"), pick up Mason, try to find more help for the tournament on Saturday, check facebook of course, make a Costco run, pick up the kids from school, feed the kids and take them to karate, ref a basketball game, coach a basketball game, make dinner (maybe I will put something in the crockpot in the morning), help kids with homework, send kids to bed, fold another load of laundry, somewhere in there I have to go order trophies for the tournament.
Wednesday - same as Monday, just replace grocery shopping with hosting a potluck lunch with friends and add vacuuming and mopping. Hopefully I can make it to my own basketball practice at 9 pm.
Thursday - exactly like Tuesday except the costco run. Add finalizing tournament details and my own basketball game at 8 pm after picking up girls from karate.
Friday - bulldoze the kids rooms after school. It is early out day for them so they are my slaves for 3 hours. make dinner, attend the Elders quorum party after dropping Raven off to babysit, come home put the kids to bed, try to sleep while I think of all the things that need to be done at the tournament the next day.
Saturday - set up for the tournament, host the tournament, probably ref a couple of games myself, clean up, then go home and crash. Gotta rest so that I can do it all again next week.

Anyone tired yet? Don't forget to add, ward calling and stake calling to that, plus helping kids with homework, reffing the little battles that go on every day and all the other mom stuff that has to be done.

So I am sorry if I haven't been answering my phone or emails, life is just a little crazy and I have not had time to breath. Thank heavens that I will be done with coaching the beginning of March just in time to catch my breath and help with the musical that Raven is in. I haven't subbed at the school because it takes time from everything else and I haven't been as social as normal. It is a good thing that my kids can do dishes and help wash the laundry. They think that I am not fun anymore so I told the school that I will be the Athletic Director or the basketball coach next year, but not both. I didn't want to coach this year, but the coach backed out 2 days before tryouts and I couldn't find anyone to do it. I didn't think that it was fair to the girls to not have a team so I stepped up. I am still trying to find someone to take over, any takers? So now that I am exhausted just thinking about my week, I better get going because the kids have got to go to school.


Deni & Bo said...

hey remember I still love you and if you need a break you can always come visit me. :) I hope to see you in May. Love ya tons and miss you

Jaclynweist said...

Please let me know if there's something I can do! Most of what you had to say would be a little difficult for me but I can do SOMETHING. Even if you need me to make you dinner - which reminds me that I need to get you your potatoes.

Its amazing how crazy life gets! I hope you can find someone to take over for you!!!