Monday, August 24, 2009

Garett's married!

My little brother, Garett Moore got married this past Saturday. After what he thinks was years of searching, he finally found the girl of his dreams. We left Thursday to head to his wedding in Spokane, WA. We spent about 24 hours in Boise with our friends, the Hulls before heading on to Moses Lake on Friday. We took family photos on Friday since we were all there. Each family wore a color so you could tell who belonged to whom. It took a bit since there were 15 grandkids to get to smile at one time. I think that the pictures turned out really good. It has been 4 1/2 years since we took the last family photo and we have added 5 grandchildren and 2 in-laws since then. Here is our family photo. Poor little Mason has some virus and had sores in and out of his mouth. He was in so much pain as the picture shows. The only thing that didn't hurt to eat was icecream.

Our family

The Moore family - extended version

The originals

Us with our spouses

The ones that Nana and Papa really want to see

The next generation of the Moore Family

The only picture that I have of the bride and groom as I forgot my camera when we went to the temple. Bo gave Steve a pair of hand cuffs which he quite expertly attached to the newly weds much to their shock.

It was fun to spend time with family, but a lot of driving. We spent 29 hours in the van over 3 days. Good thing that you are worth it Garett! We love you and congratulations!


jill said...

Hooray for Garrett. Great family pictures too!

Jaclynweist said...

Man you guys have been everywhere lately!! Looks like you had fun. Hopefully you and Mason will both feel better soon. I LOVE the pictures!! Makes me miss the farm.