Sunday, August 10, 2008

Not a bad penny, just a mean sister!

I just found out that the reason Jaxon broke stuff in the chicken coop was because his mean sister Raven thought it would be funny to lock him in the dark coop by himself. She forbade Luke and Mason to open the door even though Jaxon seemed to be going bizerk inside. Erick said that from the damage that was done Jaxon must be claustrophobic. He said that he was extremely surprised that Jaxon didn't have a bunch of scratches or bruises on his little body. He said that Jaxon had torn through things trying to get out. Jaxon finally broke through the wall of the coop beside the door, breaking the door in half. Let's just say that the only thing that kept me from beating the crap out of Raven or locking her in the coop by herself was the fact that there were other kids sleeping in the tent next to her. This story came to light after she scared the tar out of Mason so bad that his frightened noises made the dog start barking in the back yard. I will admit that I am having a hard time controlling my anger towards Raven right now. She and I will definitely be having some words in the morning when we wake up. I absolutely will not tolerate my child being a bully especially to her own siblings! I know without a doubt that if the tables were turned and someone did to her what she has done to her brothers she would without a doubt be freaking out and screaching at the top of her lungs demanding justice and retribution!


Andrea said...

That is especially hard to deal with far from home. I am sure the Hulls will still want you back though. Kids, you can't leave them on the side of the road, and you can't take them anywhere.